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Invitation/Application Process

The Seafood Collaboration Project will work with partners to identify developing projects and programs working to build collaborative responses to challenges in sustainable seafood. Applications will be reviewed based on the value to sustainable seafood of the collaborative effort the applicant is engaged in, the value to the SeaWeb Seafood Summit and its participants can provide to the applicant program, and the value to Summit attendees of engaging with the programs. Apply today >>

Participant Engagement at the
SeaWeb Seafood Summit

Seafood Collaboration Project participants will have the opportunity to meet with leaders in sustainable seafood through a set of formal and informal meetings and events at the SeaWeb Seafood Summit. For a group of seafood industry stakeholders struggling to address challenges in new geographies or sectors, the collective knowledge and experience of the Summit community can be an incredible resource.

Program Presentations

During the final plenary slot we will have 10 – 15 presentations in a lightening round style. While the program will have a Shark Tank feel to it with the award, the goal is to make the participants feel welcome in the broader sustainable seafood network and celebrate the work they are doing. Each group will have approximately  3 minutes to present and share with the Summit audience how their work is making seafood better through collaboration.

Countdown to the Seafood Collaboration Project Presentations:


Collaboration and Networking Celebration

The SeaWeb Seafood Summit will end with a closing reception that will celebrate both the programs participating in the Seafood Collaboration Project and the work and networking that has taken place over the last four days. The reception will feature an opportunity for participants to easily share information with each other through the app – making sure that any and all last minute networking and information gathering is accomplished before Summit attendees go back to the real world.

Seafood Collaboration Award

After the presentations from the Seafood Collaboration Project participants have concluded, the SeaWeb Seafood Summit audience will vote on the program they think deserves to be awarded the prize for best collaborative effort in seafood. The Summit program will conclude with some closing remarks and before or during the final reception celebrating collaboration.

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